District Merger

WHAT IS PROPOSED? After much discussion, the District Governors, District Governors-elect and District Governors-nominee of Districts 5490 and 5510 have determined that the interests of both Districts will be best served by the merger of the respective Districts. This change would go into effect July 1, 2017 and is dependent on the Rotary International Board of Directors approval of the proposal.

WHY MERGE?  The primary reasons for the merger are the inability to fill District leadership positions and ongoing membership issues. These conditions exist in both districts. Additionally, the RI Board of Directors has notified District 5510 of its continuing non-compliance with the minimum membership standard of 1,100 members. The District Governors of both Districts have recently met with other members of their District’s leadership team to explore options to help membership in Rotary prosper and grow in our Districts. The decision to propose the merger of the Districts was made as the best way to serve and support our Rotary Clubs.

WHAT WILL IT MEAN TO YOU? There will not be any significant or noticeable change in day-to-day operations of Rotary clubs. For the combined District, it means in Rotary year 2017-2018 the District will have about 73 clubs and approximately 2,400 members and a fresh new district number. While any change is disruptive, this proposal will provide a golden opportunity to improve the way the District is governed and training is offered. It will increase the number of people available to conduct and enhance the District youth programs, District conferences, and District training events. Combining the unique talents in both Districts will significantly strengthen District leadership and in turn the support available to our Rotary Clubs.

DGEs Tonya Watson and Dan Messersmith will form an extensive task force to review, develop, and define a District Strategic Plan. This will occur between the time of approval of this proposal and its implementation on July 1 2017. All aspects of Rotary operation will undergo a review to determine best practices for the new entity. Anyone in D5510 with an interest in helping shape the new district should contact DGE Tonya Watson or DGN Jim Erickson.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Club boards need to seek input from the entire club. Should your club disagree with this merger proposal, please send your objection by February 20, 2016. There is a 30 day period to respond; no response is considered as agreement.

If you have any questions about the merger or the process, please contact DG Sherry Mischel (602-510-3339) or Advisor Lucinda General (602-418-9598). Please note that most of the 5510 Past Distirct Governors have discussed this   and are in support of the merger. Assuming the majority of the clubs in Districts 5490 and 5510 do not object to the merger plan, the request to merge will be sent to the Rotary International Board of Directors for their approval. Again assuming approval by the Rotary International Board of Directors, the effective date of the merger will be July 1, 2017.

Thank you for your consideration and your prompt action on this matter.




Lucinda General
District 5510 Merger Advisor

Past District Governor Lucinda General, on behalf of
District Governor Sherry Mischel, with the concurrence of
District Governor-elect Tonya Watson, and
District Governor-nominee Jim Erickson

Distributed by email and US Mail to all Club Presidents
Copied in email to Club Secretaries, Assistant Governors and Distirct Leadership Team